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A Perfect Balance Between Old and New Worlds.

A Light, Up-to-date and  Overall Uplifting Aesthetic Experience 

Classic Architectural Design Features

Arches, groin vaults, vestibules, pergolas, balconies, open-air courtyards, and other timeless architectural details and design features. 

Contemporary Fixtures & Appliances

Elegant lighting and plumping fixture, and sleek, high-energy efficiency appliances collaborate to create a clear contemporary aesthetic that defines the Modern Desert Design Style. 

Contemporary Color Pallet

A light and bright contemporary color pallet along with key home finishes and decor selections create a rich yet overall uplifting ambiance and aesthetic experience.  

Natural Stonework & Tile Work 

Beautiful natural materials including granite, marble and stone and/or tile options to be used for countertops, backsplashes, and showers/tubs.

Hand-Polished, Colored Concrete

Polished Concrete countertops, indoors and outdoors, around Fire Pits, and elsewhere further reinforces this award-winning aesthetic given by the  its extensive use as modern building material.  

Natural Woodwork and Timber Features

Real wood timber features and finished including cabinetry, ceiling treatments, wood doors and trim packages, corbels, courtyard beams and trellis used to create pergolas. 


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